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I've designed and taught multiple courses at different types of institutions, including the University of South Carolina, Carleton College (ranked 1st in undergraduate teaching according to U.S. News), the University of Minnesota, and la Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago, Chile. My teaching philosophy focuses on getting students to evaluate and understand information critically, with particular focus on examining how students' own personal and psychological biases can impact information reception.


University of South Carolina

Course Instructor

POLI 201: American National Government (Intro to American Politics) (Fall 2023)
Psychology and Politics (expected Spring 2024)

Carleton College

Course Instructor

POSC 122: Introduction to American Politics (Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Spring 2021)
POSC 306: The Psychology of Identity Politics and Group Behavior (Winter 2021)
POSC 216: Post-Truth Politics (Spring 2021)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Course Instructor

POL 3766: Political Psychology of Mass Behavior (Spring 2020)
POL 3477: Political Economy of Development (Summer 2020)


Graduate Teaching Assistant

POL 3769: Public Opinion and Voting Behavior (Fall 2019)
POL 4737W: American Political Parties (Spring 2019)
POL 3325: U.S. Campaigns and Elections (Fall 2018)
POL 3466: Political Psychology of Mass Behavior (Spring 2018)
POL 1001: American Democracy in a Changing World (Intro to American Politics) (Fall 2017)

Universidad del Desarrollo

Course Instructor

Art and Media Under European Regimes

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