My Background

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Carleton College, as well as a Political Science PhD student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. My interests broadly cover political psychology and public opinion, with a focus on American politics. I am currently on the academic job market.

In my dissertation, I argue that when it comes to political attitudes and voting behavior in the U.S., rural does not equal the white working class despite a tendency for academics and popular culture to suggest otherwise. Instead, rural attitudes and recent voting behavior are based on a combination of community-level economic decline and psychological attachment to place. Contrary to other accounts of the decline of rural America, individual-level indicators of class such as education level or income level in part determine political attitudes for non-rural areas but not for rural areas.

I also look at the role of race and region in this dynamic. The combination of local economic decline and place-based attachment determines political attitudes for both rural whites and non-whites. However, rural non-whites with this combination of factors have actually moved more toward the left compared to their non-rural counterparts, while rural whites have moved more to the right compared to their non-rural counterparts. In addition to this being part of my dissertation, I currently have a manuscript under review on this topic. 

Further, I am working on projects relating to misinformation and science/health attitudes. From this line of research, along with coauthors, I have published in outlets such as Political Research Quarterly and Social Science & Medicine.

Finally, I am passionate about teaching and have designed and taught multiple courses at different institutions. My teaching philosophy originates from the question, "ten years from now, what will my students remember from this course?" This keeps the focus on teaching students how to apply the concepts they learn to their daily lives, and on how the course can be used to add to their worldview.


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